Automatic Rasgulla Balls Making Machine (Small)

Model: FA-130

We are Innovator, Designer and Manufacturer Rasgulla And Gulabjaman Balls Making Machines on the Demand of the Sweets shops Form 2012. Due to the replacement of the size variation lever by an electrical rheostat inside the machine cover, the operation of the machine has been made user-friendly. An electrical meter displays size value and hence, the machine can be used with precision & repetition to manufacture products of specific unit weight.
This machine combines the features of base and top variants and offers a unique solution to the specific needs of customers. Another difference lies in the frame of machine, where stainless steel has been used for better reinforcement and stable, vibration free operation of the machine. This variant suits every kind of environment & power Availability conditions

Products which can be made:-

Rasgulla, Rassberri, Gulab jamun, Long gulab jamun, Cham cham, Rasmalai, Pedha Khir mohan, Malai chap, Other such products.

  • We Shipping Products all over Across the World
  • This Product using latest Technology.
  • Minimum Speed 65 Pieces Per Minute And Max. Speed 130 Pieces Per Minute
Sheet Metal Work Stainless Steel
Structure Stainless Steel
Height x width x length 60 x 24 x 66 (inches)
Weight 370 KG (Approx.)
Electric Motors 3 No. , 1/2 HP Each
Power Consumption 1 KW
Electricity Consumed 2 Unit Per 1 Hour
Hooper Capacity 3 Kg to 13 kg
Balls Weight 1.5 Gm To 25 gm

1. Easy to operate, even unskilled worker can operate
2. Hygienic operation
3. Huge labour & power saving benefits
4. Easy to clean and wash
5. Small & compact in size
6. No change parts required for different sizes
7. No Air Compressor Required
8. All Pieces are of perfect size, shape & weight
9. Portable on wheels.
10. Simple weight and size setting mechanism
11. No lubricating/greasing requirement
12. Auto machine stop on cycle completion
13. Low power requirement
14. Reinforced frame stainless steel.